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Dear beloved family of Helicopteros Sanitarios,

First of all, receive a warm hug from our team and me.

I must say that I am tremendously proud of them because they are putting their heart and soul regardless of the risk they face.
We have treated pathologies of all kinds, including patients with coronavirus. In the last week 7 patients have tested positive, but most of these patients are at home. We call them every day and they evolve favorably,
I want to reassure all members and remind them that they do not need to leave their homes, as we will assist them 24 hours a day whenever they need us.
27 people who tested positive for coronavirus are now hospitalized in Marbella hospitals and we sincerely hope that they recover soon.

I recommend taking at least 1000mg of vitamin C and 50mg of ZINC a day. Sunbathing also helps.

2 weeks ago I was able to get coronavirus tests at an exorbitant price so we inevitably have to charge it, I hope you understand.
It is our desire for the tests to be carried out free of charge and for all cases, including those with minimal symptoms, as it is the only way to quickly detect carriers and thus take the necessary measures to avoid contagion to others.
On the other hand, we are suffering from a shortage of medical supplies in Spain. The local authorities, specifically our Mayor Angeles Muñoz, are working tirelessly so that Marbella soon receives all the medical supplies we need.

We thank you for your support and affection received.
Please be assured that we remain entirely at your disposal at all times.

Always by your side,

María José Cañete
President of Helicopteros Sanitarios